Dave and I are eternally grateful for you help with planning our wedding. You amazed us with your wisdom and experience, and saved us from stress-induced insanity. our wedding was meaningful, memorable and most importantly, FUN because of the many countless things you did. Many thanks for your humor, kindness, patience, flexibility and creativity.

Tammy & Dave




I’ve heard people say “Lots of woman plan weddings, so it won’t be that hard to plan mine. ” People don’t plan the amazing wedding we had on their own, and we seriously couldn’t have done it without Modern Proposal. She created a team of vendors, and people that really rallied around our crazy ideas and made them come to life. It took a lot of imagination to come up with the idea’s we had and everything was supported 100%. Julianna created this amazing “Bride Bubble” that meant she sheltered me from any stress that could have potentially happened on the day. She did a great job of making sure every detail was taken care of and made it literately stress – free on the day. You hear horror stories of things happening at receptions, and my only response is to laugh and say “oh our wedding planner would have never let that happen…” Our day was definitely one of the best thanks to her.



Hands down, hiring Juli was the best investment we made in our wedding. From the moment we signed with her, she was constantly in motion for us – she was our advocate, negotiator, motivator, wedding industry navigator, stress-reliever and more! Having no clue about planning a wedding left me with a few “I have no idea what I’m doing” moments, but Juli was quick to step in with a smile and “don’t worry, I’ll take care of it”. Her suggested vendors were all amazing and clearly have excellent relationships with her, as they frequently let me know I was in good hands with A Modern Proposal. Juli was awesome to work with during the planning process, but the day-of is where she truly shines. Did anything go wrong throughout the day? I have no idea, and I still don’t – that’s how amazing she is! We were able to enjoy our wedding day without worrying about the details. If you’re considering hiring a wedding planner, stop here. You won’t regret it!

We first met Julianne about a year before our wedding, in November 2015. We were impressed right away by her warmth, professionalism and enthusiasm for wedding planning. Over the next year, Julianne continued to help create a vision for our dream wedding. Her experience working with couples and vendors, her knowledge of amazing vendors and her ability to problem-solve and manage glitches that can arise when coordinating all these elements helped make this process enjoyable for us! Her creativity helped us to articulate and evolve our wedding vision, and we were able to share in a night that represented us as a couple and that we’ll remember forever! We were pretty hands on, and she was flexible to accommodate that aspect in terms of communication and planning and she was consistently receptive to our suggestions and questions. We met some incredible people thanks to her, and she made any stressful parts of this year manageable☺ We’ve had many laughs along the way. Besides helping us to plan the wedding and offering advice on common wedding dilemmas, Julianne and her team coordinated everything behind the scenes on the day of. From flowers to setup of the venue to live performances to dealing with family and the wedding party, there are probably a hundred things she took care of that we have no idea about! All this allowed us to immerse ourselves in the moment and enjoy a magical day as a couple taking this next step in our lives together! We cannot recommend Julianne and Modern Proposal Event Planning enough. She was a key part of why we’ll always look back on the wedding planning year and remember some great memories, and we are still amazed by how we had an incredible wedding because of her exceptional work. We are so grateful we met her☺ Regards, Shreyasi and Frank

Julianne, Our wedding was a wedding because of you! You completely saved everything. There are not enough words to completely say how thankful we are. Be fore you, we had rings and a dress. Thank, thank you, thank you. For all the stress you took, all the reassurance, for the crazed bride moments you rescued. For the most gorgeous wedding – we are forever grateful. Adam + Trina

I just had my wedding yesterday but could not wait to give Julianne a glowing review. We booked her for her month of coordination package and it was worth every penny. We had quite an extravagant wedding and she worked tirelessly with every vendor to make sure our day was perfect. I am so impressed with Julianne’s can do attitude, I never head the word ‘NO’ from her. I interviewed many other day of coordinators and they all told me what they couldn’t do, but Julianne told me exactly what she could do. We didn’t use any of her discounted vendors but she saved us money in other ways by setting up and taking down our chairs and recommending cheap ways to do our stationary. The set up of the ballroom surpassed my expectations and I am convinced there is no way I could of done it without her. Julianne has a great approach with brides and others involved in the big day to calm everyone down and stay organized. I didn’t have to think about a single thing yesterday and it was so stress free. I can not recommend Julianne enough.

Thank you so much for all of your help and support planning our wedding day! We could have never enjoyed such a beautiful day without you and your team and the incredible amount of work done to ensure things ran smoothly and looked perfect. All our love, The Hennesseys

From the beginning, you remained cool and cal, and from my perspective, kept everything AND everyone, under control. You were firm with people when providing directions, however, you were still professional and were persistent in making sure what Darryl and I wanted came to light. I will never forget the opportunity I had to catch a sneak peak of the Mayfair before the ceremony – it looked exactly as we discussed! Also I was grateful to have you (and your emergency kit!) around for small mishaps that occurred like win on my dress and stopping the melting of the desserts Even small details like creating a boutonniere for Darryl at the last minute because someone hugged it off.

Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were in fact small hiccups at my wedding in September, but whatever they were, I was not aware of them and my day played out just as I had envisioned. I truely appreciate the care and attention that you put into coordinating my day! I really feel like the day was executed as close to perfection as could be. Thanks again for pulling off such a wonderful wedding. Darryl and I continue to look on that day with the fondest memories of a stress-free perfect wedding.

Emily & Darryl

Julianne was professional, wonderful to work with and truly a godsend on the day of our wedding. She was always willing to give us whatever we asked for during the planning process but would also happily provide her opinion when we wanted or just plain needed it. My favourite thing about Julianne was that she totally understood that we wanted to splurge on certain parts of our wedding while being budget-conscious in others and always accommodated what we wanted. She never complained, was prompt with answering emails and voicemails and continued to help us out when we had complications to work out after the wedding. Importantly, because your wedding is not the first (nor will it likely be the last) one she plans, she knows how to fix it when things go wrong or simply, when things get crazy, this lady holds it together! She was fantastic and I would recommend her to anyone. My only suggestion is, if you choose not to go with the full planning package, to confirm whose responsibilities are what if you aren’t sure. Since we did a lot of stuff ourselves (we got Design & Decor and month-of/day-of planning), it was sometimes hard to remember where our responsibilities started and ended. Our wedding was a whirlwind as I’m sure many are, but I honestly don’t think we could have been so comfortable relaxing and enjoying it if Julianne wasn’t around. You will not be disappointed.

Ada + Henry

Time and time again, people have asked me what I’m most glad I invested in for my wedding.

My flowers were gorgeous. My dress was like a dream. The music, food, and entertainment were fabulous. But above all else, the best investment I made in my wedding was hiring Juli from A Modern Proposal to coordinate my wedding.

Juli was there for us whenever we needed her, she handled all my neurotic-bride queries with patience, good humour, and tact. When her email server went down, she contacted me using her own personal email. We Facebooked, we texted, talked on the phone, and met in person throughout the process. When she celebrated the birth of her first child, she only took one month off from her clients — a paltry stretch of maternity leave in my opinion.

Juli went to consultations with us, and in fact, we never had to “shop around” for vendors because she always took us to a vendor that she believed would be a perfect match for us — and they were! She kept track of our budget and our timeline, offered suggestions for money management, and helped us cut costs by doing some tasks herself. She even whipped up an adorable unity candle set for us mere days before the wedding!

On the day of, Juli kept everything under control, ensured that everyone was where they needed to be, created an absolutely gorgeous venue for us, and even jazzed up my candy buffet. Did I mention that our wedding day happened to be Juli’s actual birthday? This incredible woman left her husband and child to spend her birthday celebrating my wedding.

When she looked at our wedding program, Juli seemed happily surprised that her name appeared in it. It shocks me that some clients don’t bother to acknowledge their wedding planner, when that person does so much to make sure the big day is perfect. If I could do more to make everyone understand just how integral Juli was to the perfection of my wedding day, I would.

Amanda + Justin

Where to begin? Thank you so much for all your advice, organization tips, assistance, friendship, and professional services! I know that our day would not have been nearly as organized, beautiful, or close to budget without your help.

You were incredibly helpful and truly caring in helping us with the wedding. You helped us save dollars and more importantly stress. I twas great to have your help and I would most definitely recommend you to others

Laila + Phil

Thank you SO MUCH again for all of your incredibly hard work – because of you, we were able to have the most perfect day without an ounce of stress. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciated everything you did – from the impeccable way you decorated (my mind was blown when I came in!) to the way you carefully and discreetly dealt with every small issue. You far exceeded my expectations, and I cannot tell you how much I will treasure the memories of my wedding, which I actually got to make and enjoy thanks to you! I will happily recommend you to any future brides I come into contact with. Thank you again!
Amy + Matt

The most amazing and helpful person on the planet. There isn’t even enough words to describe Juli. She helps with absolutely everything. She is always happy and willing to go to any length. I would have never made it to my wedding day without her.
Pam + Gerry

Julianne, Our wedding day wouldn’t have gone off without a hitch if it wasn’t for you. Words can’t express how much you helped, supported, and rooted for us through our planning process, and having you there just allowed us to enjoy our day that much more. We wish you continued success in your profession and that you may be able to keep making wedding dreams come true! THANK YOU!
Lydia + Justin

There really isn’t anything we can say or do to thank you enough for your effort and enthusiasm in helping us with our wedding day! We are in awe of what you do, and your ability to be prepared for every situation that could possibly arise! We thought we had everything under control- but your assistance, willingness to step in, and remarkable ability to think on your feet created the perfect flow for the day and made everything seem astoundingly polished and perfect. Thanks a million! And we will be recommending you to every future bride we know!
Ryan + Vicky

Juli was absolutely fantastic! She was able to take our wedding ideas and turn then into a day better than we could have imagined. Juli’s style is fun, modern, and elegant. I also loved how she kept us on track with timelines and budget! Our Eco-friendly wedding was perfect.

The day of our wedding was flawless. We had a perfect amount of time, Juli made the venue beautiful and all the vendors were very professional and did a fantastic job!
I have recommended A Modern Proposal to my friends – and would recommend Juli to any new bride. Your wedding day will be great if you use her services! Thanks Juli for everything!
Erin + Rob